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Fetching Grooming Salon
 is more than just a grooming salon
 We also contribute to our community by educating our clients and speaking to elementary school children about pet care and safety. We have held fundraisers for local shelters and the Red Cross' s Pet Emergency Program. Our photo fundraisers are a favorite with the public. We have raised enough money to provide Pet Oxygen Masks for over 15 area fire houses .
To date, 2017, our yearly photo fundraisers have raised over a combined total of $5,600.!

Some pics from our recent photo fundraisers:

From our Photo fundraiser 2011 : 
Lucius - one of our happy customers!
 Our fundraiser (Valentine Pet Photos), for the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter's Veterinary Emergency Fund raised $1,110.
Thank you to everyone that came out to show support. 

The Scranton Times/Tribune Artical Feb. 2010
Owner, Meredith Miner-Reese with 5 of her dogs, Sweetpea, Noah, Punky, Bela and Manny (top) . Featured in Northeast Woman, Scranton Times, 2-20-11 Click on image for full article.
Talking to 1st graders about the importance of being a responsible pet owner and what a Groomer does.
(Children's faces have been hidden to protect their identities)

All dogs deserve a great experience when being groomed. That's why we specialize in caring for elderly and disabled dogs. No matter what the concern, your canine family member will be treated with gentle handling.
Fetching Grooming Salon is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
Neglect IS a form of abuse.
Layla - Before and After! 

This little Maltese was found by Humane Officers and brought to Fetching to be saved from excessive matting, filth and feces. He was used by his owner for breeding with another Maltese that was in equally bad condition.  Both were cleaned up and adopted out to great homes. Now named TinyTim, and has a  new sister, Rosie, and enjoys a much healthier and happier life.  Fetching Grooming often grooms severe cases of neglect for area shelters free of charge and will continue to do so until people stop treating dogs like objects and abusing them like this. 
Location: In Scranton's Historic Green Ridge Section:
1928 Boulevard Ave.
Scranton, PA 18509
 Hours: By appointment only- Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat.
Closed: Tues. Thur and Sun.
Incoming appointments from 10am til 1:00pm
All pickups need to be made within a one hour  after the dog is ready unless other arrangements are made with your groomer.
Free parking
Our facility is handicap accessible, however, if you would prefer assistance we would be pleased to come to your vehicle to retrieve and deliver your dog to you upon your arrival.

* We welcome the opportunity to groom "special needs" dogs.(Handicapped, blind, deaf and elderly)

* We do not use heated cage dryers.We do NOT use  tranquilizers. Please do not give your dog a sedative before grooming before speaking to us directly. 

* Dogs are offered clean water and toys while staying with us and are free to roam the gated grooming area if safe enough to do so.

* It is best to feed your dog after being groomed. If you must feed before, please do so at least one hour prior to appointment so they have a chance to relieve themselves before their haircut and bath. Please be sure to walk them prior to being dropped off at the shop.
If your dog needs to relieve him/herself near the outside of the shop, please clean up after them. We have baggies available inside.

* Unlike some grooming shops that are noisy and stressful, we concentrate on fewer dogs at a time, making the whole experience a calmer and shorter one.

*We're sorry but we do not allow owners to stay with their dogs during the grooming process. This is both stressful for them as well as us. They are going to know you are there and will want to BE with you... making our job harder and more time consuming. We assure you that your dog will be safe during their time with us. 
* When we call to let you know your dog is ready to be picked up, please make arrangements to have them picked up in a reasonable amount of time, ideally, within the hour. Dogs left over an hour past their pick up time will be charged a daycare fee unless other arrangements have been made with your groomer. ALL pickups must be made by closing time. -(unless pre-arranged with your groomer).

Fetching Grooming Salon does not condone pet breeding.
It is irresponsible to breed your pet for any reason.  There are simply too many dogs and not enough homes. For every litter that is sold, just as many dogs will die in shelters.
Fetching promotes spaying and neutering as well as adopting from shelters and rescues, not purchasing from pet stores. We offer discounts to those that spay, neuter and adopt.  There are breed rescues for EVERY dog breed...not just mutts.

Fetching Grooming Salon DOES NOT serve those that breed or intend to breed their pets. 

Here's a letter from our local paper that we most certainly agree with!!

July 06, 2009 

Stop breeding pets
Editor: I am sick to death of seeing the same ad, "kittens, free to good homes." If you can't bother to have your cats spayed/neutered, or if you truly can't afford it, at least keep them indoors.
There is no excuse anymore to not have your cats altered. Low-income people can get help from local humane shelters. Those who are not low-income but can't afford the payment might be able to get friends or neighbors to pitch in.
There are simply not enough homes for these kittens. There are 45 cats and dogs for every person in this country. Only one of 10 puppies born ever gets a home and only one of 12 cats born ever gets a home. Each hour in the United States, 800 dogs and cats are killed in shelters because there are not enough homes for them.
In the unlikely event that you happen to give your accidentally born puppy or kitten to a good home, all you've really done is sentence another shelter animal to death. And the same can be said for those who intentionally breed animals to sell.
I would love to see it become difficult for someone to adopt an animal from a shelter because there aren't enough animals for the number of households that want them. Until then, it is simply irresponsible to not have your pets spayed/neutered and it is unconscionable to purposely breed them.

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