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Where your dog will get the best care ANYWHERE!
Fetching Grooming Salon is more than a dog grooming salon...it is a caring, professional and social experience for your dog.
At Fetching, our motto is:
"We care, because we're pet parents too!"

What you first need to know before requesting an appointment: 

* We do not groom cats

*We do not groom dogs over 45 pounds

*We require a $10 deposit to book your first appointment made by credit/debit card over the phone, (Please do not text cc numbers)

* We do not groom "breeder" dogs. If you have bred or intend to breed your pets, please refer to another pet groomer. 

*We do not allow owners to stay while their dog is groomed. If you have questions regarding this, please ask and we'll be happy to explain why. 

*Appointments must be ON TIME, for both drop off and pick up, unless otherwise discussed with your groomer. Dogs left in our care after 2pm, closing time, will be charged $15 per half hour. 

*Deposits will not be refunded if the appointment is a "no show". Credit/Debit cards will be charged a total of $11. but not charged or kept on file otherwise. 


Hours By Appointment only
Tue, Wed, Fri, & Sun. 
10am - 12:30pm (incoming appointments) close by 2pm. 
(All pick ups must be made by 2pm unless first discussed with your groomer)

Thank you Scranton and surrounding areas for voting us the Best Grooming Shop again!! 2017 and 2018! We look forward to serving our loyal customers in the future!

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If you suspect your dog has fleas or ticks before coming to the shop, please alert us. While it's not impossible for your dog to get fleas at the grooming shop, it is highly unlikely. We clean, vacuum and disinfect several times a day. Probably more so than you do in your own home so coming home from grooming with fleas is highly unlikely. Dogs can pick up fleas from outdoor cats, from being outdoors, or even from you, bringing them in on your clothes or shoes especially in the fall months when fleas are looking for a warm place to lay their eggs before winter. They can get into the cracks between floor boards and carpets and furniture.
If you suspect your dog has fleas and is NOT on a flea treatment, we can give them a flea bath,("flea dips" do not exist anymore), however if they are on an active flea treatment, we will not use a flea shampoo on them. This will be too much for their sensitive systems and could make them sick. Please do not overdose your dogs with topical or oral flea treatments. Please ask us about alternative methods and please do not insist that your dog got fleas from our grooming shop. We go to great lengths to keep this from happening. If this was an issue, our own dogs would be riddled with fleas by us taking them home to them. 
We highly recommend the Seresto flea collar for dogs. Topical treatments such as Frontline have stopped working and they still do not REPEL fleas and ticks like Seresto does. Please do not use flea collars like Hartz or cheaper brands purchased from retail grocery or dollar stores. These are often out of date and can be ineffective and even dangerous for your pet. 

 Since 2003, Fetching Grooming Salon & Pet Boutique is a full service grooming salon offering our customers the best care, quality and professionalism. We have reasonable pricing, and that includes everything your dog will need to feel and look their best. We only use quality products to help maintain a healthy skin and coat and a groomer with 15 years of experience to make sure your dog will get the best care possible.

If you're considering a new pet....PLEASE adopt...don't buy from a pet store or an online breeder!
If you are ordering puppy from a website, you are ordering from a puppy mill with a fancy website.
A responsible and ethical breeder will want you to see their facility in person and will want to check YOU out before selling you one of their puppies.
Don't fall for a fancy look or friendly salesperson over the phone. These people are skilled in convincing you that their puppies are "guaranteed" and "of good stock". NOT TRUE. They are profiting from the abuse and over breeding of animals!
Of course, always spay and neuter your pets. It's the responsible thing to do and the best health choice for your pet. There are MORE pets than there are homes for them. For every pet that is sold from a back yard breeder or pet store, several are put to death because it's taking a home away from a dog or cat that is already waiting for one.

Victoria Stillwell, world renowned dog behaviorist and animal advocate has a great article on dog breeding. Please read it and share it with those you know that intend to breed their pets: 

If you truley love dogs then don't kill them by selling puppies or keeping puppy mills  profitting by buying from petstores. When breeders are done with the dogs they use for breeding, they discard them inhumanely and without conscience.


We're sure you will not find anyone to give you what we offer at our prices and you cannot find the quality of care anywhere! We quite simply, LOVE DOGS!
Our base price for most dogs, (Bichons, Toy Poodles, Carin Terriers, Shihtzus, Maltese, etc.), is $40. There is an additional fee if dogs are matted or have a difficult temperament. This price includes hair cut, bath, blow out, nail trim and ear cleaning. There is an additional fee for expressing anal glands if needed. This is by request only and only if your dog has a constant issue with it. 

We now accept most major credit cards and local bank checks. 

 Visa/Mastercard credit/debit accepted
2.00 fee per transaction

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